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Basic parameter of cans sealing machine

Supply power : AC380V 50Hz 4kW
Canning speed:7.5cans per min
Cans height:100~190mm
Cans diameter:99~127mm
Air compressor: ≥0.6MPa
Air comsumption: 150L/min
Nitrogen gas pressure:≥0.4MPa
Nitrogen consumption:50L/min
Noise: ≤ 80dB Vacuum power:-0.09Mpa
Nitrogen Gas residue:less than 3%(International Standard)
Powder waste every can:3g or below


This product is suitable for all kinds of tinplate cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans and circular specifications cans vacuum first, then fill nitrogen, finally the sealing.

Quality is reliable, easyto operate and lighter, it is food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries essential ideal equipment.

This machine is with two pairs (four), single roll seam sealing round inflatable head automatic vacuum sealing device. Specifically for tinned, aluminum cans of a variety of system size round shaped empty cans, paper cans cover or end real purposes.

And has the seal on the tank while the vacuum suction function, add sufficient nitrogen to a machine. Milk and other food to be particularly suitable for encapsulating nitrogen gas filling. By replacing the corresponding pressure head molds can form parts with different specifications can be sealed circular cans. Application scope is wide, adjust the easy to operate, use and reliable.

The machine is equipped with the following safety devices to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

  • 1. the lid combination control device: When the body into the tank when the lid was allocated accordingly, no tank no cover.
  • 2. "Volume without cover letters": When mistakes do not ration into the lid of the tank body, they can be passed seaming bodies. Cans will not bite as well as damage to the paper punch die seal body parts.
  • 3. safety clutch device: When the transmission failure and overload, can interrupt transmission and stop sending tanks.

Drawing of vacuum seaming equipment with nitrogen gas flushing

The performance characteristics of vacuum canning equipment

  • 1. the machine cover and main parts adopt SUS304 stainless steel production;
  • 2. the vaouum system of seal materials are silica gel;
  • 3. Tank lid from spreading devioe: when the body enters to the corresponding Rationing tank cover, no tanks, no oover;
  • 4. this machine automation control, using the panasonic brand of programmable controller, parameters can be set on the touch screen;
  • 5. all pneumatic components and solenoid valve adopt Taiwan's"guest" brand;
  • 6.with high precision digital display pressure sensor detection of vacuum pressure;
  • 7. Vacuum with German vacuum pump;
  • 8. the whole process are conducted in a sealed interior.

Configuration of vacuum seaming equipment:

vacuum canning machine

model YX-44AA

 PLC Panasonic Japonia
Photoelectric sensor Panasonic Japonia
pressure sensor Panasonic Japonia
Switch Power Ming WellTajvani
Stafetë Omron Japonia
Cilindri AirTac Tajvani
Selenoid AirTac Tajvani
Kontaktor ZhengtaiKinë
Canning motor Kinë
Conveyor Motor Kinë
Vacuum MOtor Haokaodo Deutschland
Stainless steel SS304 BaosteelKinë
Vacuum valve HaokaidoGjermania
conveyor belt and guide bar Shanghai Baosteel Kinë

Canning samples after vacuum-seaming

Wooden case packing for cans sealing equipment with gas flushing function